Honolulu Chinatown Market

We woke up early in the morning in Honolulu’s Chinatown, around 7, and made our way down the misty city streets to a sensory feast. We woke in fog and found ourselves in brilliance:

Lychee fruit

Bright Citrus

An array of greens

We wandered into a food court where more and different kinds of breakfast were being served than I ever imagined:

Asian pastries

Filipino dishes with whole fried fish

And behind the food court was more market full of the freshest ingredients:

Crabs in tanks

And bright green frogs

Purple and white beans

And even still we wandered out and down the street, stall upon stall, feasting on it all:

Roasted ducks and other delights

The market was overwhelming in it’s variety and amount– so much gorgeous and interesting food to see and consider. I wish we had more time to cook some it. But I loved being there! Posting for reals tomorrow.


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