Food Adventure: Dinner and Dessert in Houston


Inside Blue Nile Restaurant


Note: I’m not sure why there’s so much space in between pictures. Sorry.

I don’t have a lot of brain cells tonight, but I wanted to share this “only in Houston” experience eating out last night. Houston, as you know, is an international city and out meal was an international experience.  J. has been dying to try Ethiopian food ever since some co-workers described it to him a year ago. The allure of eating entire meal with sticky bread as the only utensil was tempting idea. I found Blue Nile while browsing online and we finally decided to go with our friend H.


Ethiopian honey wine





We went early so the restaurant was fairly empty. It’s located in a dilapidated strip mall (although the Columbian restaurant next door smells divine) but the interior is lovely. Someone put a lot of thought and time into decorating Blue Nile. It’s full of authentic baskets and pots and wall decorations. We started with a small jar of honey wine and some meat and lentil Sambusas.


Vegetarian platter on bread


Ethiopian food is indeed eaten with bread, but it’s more sponge-like than sticky. When the bread came out with the food at first we mistook it for towels– the texture and color are very unusual. But we took pieces of it and scooped up bites quite easily. The platter of vegetables and meat was colorful and interesting, so many spices and flavors! I liked the three types of green, red, and yellow lentils and the beef the best. The meal was very filling and we didn’t manage to finish it all, but we did take it home. J kept saying it was exactly what he wanted, something completely different from anything he had ever tried. H and I liked it, but it’s not food I want to eat every week, probably because I’m just not accustomed to those flavors– especially the slightly sourish taste of the bread.


Spongy bread


After dinner, we girls decided to get yogurt for dessert. There was some misunderstanding during the car ride about what kind of yogurt– “You guys want to get what? Really?” J was a little confused. But when we arrived at Yogurti Yo, he was all smiles.


Stoked about Yogurt


This place kind of rocks. It’s a self-serve bar that allows you to choose from 10 flavors of frozen yogurt, put the amount you want in a cup, and then choose your toppings of fruit, candy, cereal, etc. from a huge toppings bar. At the end, they weigh your yogurt and charge by the ounce.  It’s great! and the design is rather futuristic with flat screen TVs and white Ikea-like furniture.


J and H enjoying dessert



Tart yogurt with raspberry



Blueberry Acai (not so great) with gummi bears


We sat on the pretty white couch with our colorful desserts and watched Disney TV for about 10 minutes. It was like brain-melt heaven (or maybe that was just my interpretation since exams are so pressing).  Thank goodness for lovely evenings like this with good friends. I can’t wait for another food adventure!


Yogurt bar



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