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Eating My Words

A small selection of what's on my plate currently.

Dear Readers,

You may be wondering if my kitchen burned down or if I’ve simply succumbed to my husband’s love of Taco Bell and given up cooking entirely. In fact, I am finishing up my Masters in English CRL from OU. My exams will take place the first week of November and I will defend on Nov. 22. This degree has taken a while to finish, but despite panic attacks and lengthy late-night emails, I am fairly certain that I will have a degree this December. Because the exams are so soon, I’ve had to re-prioritize my writing for now.  But I will be back! I’ve enjoyed keeping this little blog far too much to give it up. Besides, I have hatch chilie recipes to share and I will be blogging my mother’s Thanksgiving feast! And then, I will be traveling to gorgeous Oahu for five days and I simply can’t keep from writing about that! You’ll hear from me soon. Don’t forget to send warm thoughts of smartness and perseverance my way. And I’ll share this with you: Joy of Cooking Chocolate Chip Cookies can get you through anything– hopefully even Masters exams.

Keep Cooking, Eating, and Enjoying! –L


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