PSA: Yogurt better than Ice Cream

om-nomI know, I know, you don’t believe me. Fine. But you should be aware that the Greek Gods Yogurt is a strong contender. Particularly their honey-flavored yogurt. It’s rich and creamy and the honey flavor adds a highlight to the tang of the yogurt. Oh, yes, yogurt without a ton of sugars and additives is tart. It’s a lot like sour cream actually. I had Greek Gods for the first time several years ago at a Trader Joe’s in Santa Fe. (Can we pause for a moment and give thanks for Trader Joes?…Okay.) It’s carried by most higher end grocery stores like Oklahoma’s Food Pyramid or Texas’ HEB stores (letting my roots show here). It should be treated a lot like ice cream. This is not your every-morning-for-breakfast-yogurt unless you lift weights for a living. At 250 calories for 6 oz, Greek Gods is just as decadent as Haagen-Daz or a higher end ice cream. Even more dangerous, you can purchase it in 24 oz. “family size.” It’s more like the snack you eat when you’ve had a crappy day and plan to watch at least two Law and Order episodes. Or for when you’re happy with life and you’ve accomplished a lot and want a special treat! Greek Gods is amazing with fruit and would probably make a fantastic dip for a fruit tray if you go for that kind of cutesy thing. Me? I’ll be watching Criminal Intent.



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3 responses to “PSA: Yogurt better than Ice Cream

  1. Meg

    I love Greek Gods Yogurt! The original flavor is absolutely delicious with fresh peaches.

  2. ashley

    Did you know you can turn regular yogurt into greek yogurt by draining it in a cheese cloth for a while? Much cheaper and tastes the same 🙂

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