Welcome to the Table

Welcome to The Kitchen Table. Like most areas of life, the kitchen table is a messy place. Mine is no exception. My table serves a number of purposes: junk drawer, entryway table, laptop desk, office area, food prep area, gaming table, dog exam table, storage space and, of course, the place where family and friends gather to eat several nights a week. I grew up eating at a table with my family every evening and at every holiday. I believe the kitchen table is an important place, a place to connect and commune. table as "stuff" holderI have named my blog after it in reference to Joy Harjo’s poem “Perhaps the World End Here.” As Harjo’s poem says, our lives and the lives of those who come before and after us can be experienced and remembered and dreamed by looking to this place of food, conversation, fights, reconciliations, joys, sorrows, loves, and stories. Welcome. Enjoy. Dig in! As I kick off my new blog, I thought I’d share what my kitchen table is currently being used for.



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2 responses to “Welcome to the Table

  1. DaDave

    You have such a wonderful, flowing writing style. I enjoyed both entries very much. I’ll check back for secret recipes from time to time and look forward to seeing you and Josh around that table.
    Much love.

  2. MoBev

    Loved the posted poem; the author really captures that all the best moments of our life happen around the table. I’m impressed that you’ve so accurately captured, claimed and begun creating food and prose. Will look forward to reading more!

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